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With over 20 years experiencein the Health Care Industry, we at General Medical Services Ltd (GMS) provide our patients access to our world renowned Israeli specialist surgeons, offering a life changing experience, beyond boarders – in Cyprus.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to provide access to our world renowned Israeli specialist surgeons to foreign patients in Cyprus.

Our Mission is to provide unsurpassed healthcare, through our leading surgeons, for the benefit of the patients.
We aspire to provide quality of service, combined with cutting edge technology offered by our chosen Israeli surgeons.
Our patients’ wellbeing is our priority and we ensure they receive our exceptional and exceptional service through the all-inclusive and flawless process we have developed.
With over 20 years of experience in the Medical Tourism Industry, our Founders and the Team at GMS share one goal:
We aspire to offer our international patients a unique life changing experience, by offering access to our leading Israeli surgeons, quality service, the finest healthcare and cutting edge technology.

Our Vision
Our Vision is to continuously engage leading Israeli surgeons and offer the most advanced technologies – creating an elitist entity with a global reach, for the benefit of all the patients.
We strive for excellence in our unique patient care which is delivered by people who are passionate about the sanctity of life, personal respect, and dignity.

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