GMS Frequently Asked Questions – please make these questions specific to Israeli patients

What is Medical Tourism?

For decades individuals, medical institutions and even local governments have opted to outsource their medical needs to medical facilitators. The primary reasons for this behaviour can vary from climate, long waiting lists, limited technology and professionals and cost. Over the last few years this underlying industry has finally earned a title: “Medical Tourism.”

The Medical Tourist or Traveller will board a plane and fly near enough anywhere, to receive the treatment they need. They will source surgeons, facilities and available technologies meticulously, exhausting every avenue before a final decision is made. Quality and service should never be compromised for this type of traveller as their journey entails not only the physical aspects of their ailments, but also the emotional impact of their situation. Having to travel to a foreign country for health reasons is never an easy decision to make, however GMS has combined all the necessary factors to ensure we exceed our clients expectations, by forming a highly specialized Medical Tourism facilitator, in Cyprus.

Is health tourism safe?

Safety in Medical Tourism should be viewed from different perspectives: destination, health regulations and conditions in the country you are traveling, professionals you will attend, insurance policies with which you are traveling.

How do I overcome a language barrier?

English is widely spoken in Cyprus. GMS concierge staff are professionals with extensive experience in the medical field and are fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, and Greek.

What if I don’t find the procedure that I am interest in on you website?

If you are interested in or require a certain procedure that is not listed on our website, please contact us so that we may assist you in your search.
Our network covers a wide spectrum of medical procedures, from the least invasive procedures to the most advanced procedures.

Can I speak with a past patient about their experience?

Yes. We will be pleased to refer you to past patient who has had the procedure that you are considering. In return, we will appreciate your testimonial once you experience GMS first hand. This being said, we totally respect the privacy of all our clients and will only assign referrals to those that give permission to do so.

Do I have to undergo any medical examinations before travelling to Cyprus?

We offer a Pre-operative Clinical Assessment; a comprehensive diagnosis of your condition through our medical board, who will review your scans, films and medical history, whilst noting your condition, its cause and severity. The results and possible treatment path will then be discussed with you, to determine if you are a candidate for the services we offer. Once you have undergone the GMS Pre-operative Clinical Assessment and your chosen surgeon has confirmed you are a candidate for surgery, your quotation will be prepared, for the proposed treatment.

How long will I have to remain in the destination after my procedure?

It depends on your selected procedure. In most cases the required length of stay in your destination will be about two weeks. Your surgeon will advise you on the length of stay in the hospital and destination in your initial pre-travel quotation.

Do I have to be accompanied?

We do encourage our patients to bring a companion, however if that is not feasible, it is not a problem for us at GMS.

Do I have to tell my local doctor?

Although going abroad for medical treatment is your choice and decision, we advise customers to inform their local doctor of the proposed treatment. Your local doctor may also be a point of contact with the after-care in which you receive when returning home.

Can I go "sight-seeing" whilst in Cyprus?

Yes. GMS provides the option of “sight-seeing” whilst in Cyprus and we will be happy to organize this for you with permission from your doctor.

Would you be able to accommodate for a "special requirement"?

Following consultation with us, we will accommodate all special requirements where feasible. Please do tell us of such requirements so that we can make appropriate arrangements for you beforehand.

What documents will I need to travel to Cyprus?

The documentation required varies, depending on your nationality. Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and check their Consular Affairs, Visa policy, and Travel Information section.

What if there are complications?

This being one of the main apprehensions of anyone considering surgery in a foreign country, we have taken it upon ourselves to source the appropriate associates who can provide this type of insurance coverage. GMS collaborates with a specialist in medical travel insurance in order to reduce our patient’s anxiety and allow peace of mind. Our medical complications insurance policy is available to anyone traveling outside their home country to receive surgical treatment.

Do you give medical advice?

No GMS is not a healthcare provider therefore we do not offer medical advice ourselves. Only our specialist physicians offer medical services.

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