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Israel is internationally reputed to be a leader in the Medical field – earning a reputation as the ideal destination for international patients, primarily for the high quality healthcare and world-renowned medical facilities the country offers. Unable to meet the demands of the rising volume of international patients has however tainted this Medical Tourism success story. We at GMS have formulated a solution and have hand selected leading Israeli Physicians, who will travel to Cyprus offering our international patients their expertise.
International Patients will travel for surgery when they are:
• Seeking Access to Specific Surgeons.
GMS represents Israeli leaders in innovative surgery and is able to provide access these specialist surgeons to our international patients, in Cyprus.
• Insured by a Private Insurance Company and have choice.
Patients with International Healthcare Insurance Coverage can travel to Cyprus through GMS for surgery, on a pre- approval basis.
• Either denied or put on a waiting list for a particular treatment by their Governmental Health Insurance.
With denials from providers on the increase and cutting edge technologies not being readily available, many patients feel neglected by their National Health System. These patients will often take the option of paying out of pocket and will source their best treatment option.
• Uninsured
When paying out of pocket, uninsured patients will source their best treatment option internationally, without compromising the quality of care they require.

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