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General Medical Services Ltd offer Israeli and International patients the opportunity to access our world renowned Israeli specialist surgeons by travelling to Cyprus.

Israel boasts to host the finest internationally renowned surgeons and medical facilities, and is considered a pioneer and global leader in the Medical Industry, offering the most technologically advanced and superior quality healthcare systems in the world – in particular surgical excellence.
However recent changes in local legislation limit the ability of the local Israeli surgeons to cater to the needs of their Israeli and international patients, ultimately creating unwanted waiting lists at home whilst also forcing the international patients to source alternative healthcare destinations.

We at General Medical Services Ltd have created a practical solution to this dire and escalating situation, by offering Israeli and International patients an excellent alternative.

Patients now have the opportunity to access our world renowned Israeli specialist surgeons, by travelling to Cyprus.

The quality of the service we provide our patients is comprised of:

Our Surgeons
GMS represents hand selected specialists offering innovative surgical solutions, thereby bringing incomparable medical standards to our patients. We are careful At GMS we ensure we work with true experts by selecting notable professionals who are talented and possess standards of excellence, in their specialist fields.
During the screening and selection process of our Surgeons, our Medical Board considers a number of factors, including the following:
– Commitment. They provide quality patient care.
– Education and credentials. They are involved in groundbreaking research and development in their relevant area of expertise.
– Knowledge & Experience. This is measured by their unsurpassed surgical performance.
– Accomplished. They are renowned within the Medical Community for their accomplishments.

Procedures and Technologies
As most of our surgeons are involved in Research and Development, they choose their technologies. Subsequently, this provides accelerated recovery rates for the benefit of our patients, as they utilize the most innovative and advanced technologies available in the medical field.

Personalized Concierge Services
Our tailor made service offers a professional, personalized and caring process, where the expectations and requirements of our patients and their companions are exceeded, taking into account any special requirements and requests our patients have.

Cyprus is less than an hour’s flight from Israel and is at the crossroad of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Cyprus conforms to EU codes of conduct Cyprus is a full member of the European Union, conforming to the set codes of conduct, thereby validating their quality health care offering. This in turn ensures our chosen facilities are well equipped, offering medical experts and staff of exceptionally high standards.
An established and popular tourist destination, travellers are not apprehensive to visit Cyprus, which is safe, with no political unrest. The Island is also blessed with a mild climate and sunshine almost every day- the ideal destination for recuperation.

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